Cllr Jon Hubbard

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Cllr Jon Hubbard

Wiltshire and Town Councillor for Melksham South

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Liberal Democrats on Wiltshire Council made an impassioned plea to stop Wiltshire's Cabinet stopping 'crisis loans', an essential life line for Wiltshire's most vulnerable.

Speaking at Wiltshire Council Cabinet today, Cllr Jon Hubbard, Leader of the Wiltshire Liberal Democrats, made an impassioned plea on behalf of those who could not afford to feed their children this month.

Cllr Hubbard said, "After my intervention the Cabinet are going to reassess the scrapping of cash payments as part of the crisis loan scheme.  Crisis loans are the safety net for Wiltshire families who literally cannot afford to put food on the table or charge their electricity meter.  Crisis loans are small, but they are essential to those in greatest need.

"Without crisis loans we are pushing families into the clutches of loan sharks and spiralling debt and intimidation."

Cllr Hubbard also secured a concession on the appeal period for people refused crisis loans.  Wiltshire Council were set to agree that appeals needed to be made on the spot, but the Cabinet agreed to Cllr Hubbard's plea to increase the appeal period to 24 hours.

Cllr Hubbard added, "Imagine a young mum who cannot afford to put food on the table.  She is at her wits end and needs time and independent advice on how to appeal a crisis loan rejection.  I'm proud to say she will now get that time rather than being forced to enter an instant appeal that is doomed to failure."

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