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Map showing footpath route

Wiltshire Council are running a “pre-consultation” exercise about converting the pathway running between Snowberry Lane and Primrose Drive to a Shared Use footpath for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Local councillor Jon Hubbard is asking residents what they think about the proposed scheme in order that he can put in a submission to the consultation representing their views. The pre-consultation document is reproduced below and the map showing the scheme is above.

No details have been provided to date on the construction methods or materials.

You can contact Jon and tell him how you feel by clicking here.

Pre-consultation for the proposed conversion of Footpath MELK102 to a Shared Use Path

Wiltshire Council is promoting the conversion of the footpath MELK102 to a Shared use path in order to provide a safe and convenient cycle and walking route between Snowberry Lane and Westbury View, Melksham.

The Council would like to investigate the potential to formalise this path into a shared use facility. This would allow pedestrians safer and quicker access to and from Westbury View to Snowberry Lane and would afford cyclists similar opportunity until dismounting at (Part of) Clackers Brook Bridge. The path would increase the walking and cycling network within Melksham and would provide a more convenient and direct link to pedestrians and afford cyclists a dedicated route rather than the current ‘on street’ arrangement. The path would be surfaced and signed as part of the formalisation and lighting would be investigated.

I am therefore writing to seek your views and support for the conversion of the new footpath known as Melk102. A plan showing the extent and location of the footpath is included at Appendix 2.

This is a pre-consultation event prior to the formal Traffic Regulation Order being advertised. The purpose is to seek views on the proposal to ensure that any proposals are acceptable and unlikely to be rejected at a later stage.

As such I am asking for your initial comments in response to the proposal. Please provide your comments in writing to me by 11th of August 2017.
If no comments are received by this date I will assume that you or your organisation supports the scheme.

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