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Cllr Jon Hubbard

Wiltshire and Town Councillor for Melksham South

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Semington Development Plans

Local councillor Jon Hubbard has expressed anger at the approval by Wiltshire Council of another 150 homes in the Melksham area without any proper provision for additional infrastructure or facilities.

The latest planning to be approved was for 150 new homes to be built near Semington, an application that was unanimously rejected by councilors last year, and has been approved by the same councilors this year.

“The only thing that has really changed,” claims Cllr Hubbard, “is that the Conservatives have failed to protect the 5 year land supply and now we have a ‘free-for-all’ for local developers.

“The catastrophic failure of the this administration to protect this most basic of planning policies is unforgiveable and, frankly, the Conservative cabinet member responsible should apologise to the people of Wiltshire and resign.

“We are seeing more and more planning applications be made, and appeals being heard where developers are running amok in our community, with little or no chance of preventing excessive development because of this failure.”

At the meeting of Wiltshire Council on Tuesday Cllr Jon Hubbard proposed a motion of no confidence in the responsible cabinet member, Toby Sturgis, but was refused a debate on the matter and the Conservatives used their block vote to keep him in post.

You can see Jon’s speech and the subsequent lack of debate in the video below.

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